Welcome to Team Muleterro

We are MULES. Montana's Ultimate Leaders of Endurance Sports.

Team Muleterro is a bike team in Bozeman, Montana. We love to bike! You'll see us at all sorts of races, especially Mountain Bike, Cyclocross, BMX, Triathlons and even some Road races. We're the loud, fast, high kicking group that is having more fun than everyone else. After all... that's why we do it - it's FUN!

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Photos from 2016 MuleX

We took some photos at MuleCross (maybe too many??) and are happy to share them with you!

See all the photos we took in the MuleX - 2016 Album on Flickr.

Here's a few of our favorites.  Enjoy!

Wrestle that bike!
Mule Cross is gonna make you Jump, Jump!
We have a strong future with these kids
Double the fun - tandem racers
Splish splash on a bike
Which way did he go - cyclocross fun
Meet the spectators on the rock
Oh yes. You're welcome ladies for these bike costumes!

MuleX Results

MuleX results are available courtesy of muddy dog sports:


Thanks to everyone who showed up, and a special thanks to Headframe Spirits, the Gear Wizard, The Roundhouse, Norris Hot Springs, Ghost Town Coffee, The Gravel Bar, Hardy Drywall, and Ensitio Arcitecture!

I noticed lots of photographors present - Hopefully they will post their pictures here so we can all relive the excitement!



It's Race Time - MuleCross

It's almost time to race.  If you've raced with us in the past at the Bozeman Regional Park - please park in the same parking lot as before (off of Oak Street), but then please note that the START/FINISH area is at the pavilions this year (closer to the Fire Department).  Here's an outline of the map:

2016 MuleX Race Map

Map Description:

  1. Start at the start, on the major pathway.  Ride past the pavilions, 180 right turn, back by the pavilions, left turn, least bumpy path around the outside of the mound, with some chicanery, head to the gravel path on the S side of park. 
  2. Follow this path to catch your breath, then turn left to ride along the edge of the empty drainage pond (gopher hole filling may be necessary), then drop left into the pond, bank of the other side, and exit back to the gravel path. 
  3. Something fun (possibly with dirt mound on SW side of pump track), then hit A line along the East most pump track line or B line outside pump track.
  4. Turn left on gravel path, catch your breath, turn right along lakeshore path, climb the spine of the grassy knoll.
  5. Turn right on other side of grassy knoll, switchback against gravel path, parallel path for a bit, switchback-back, ride back along the spine of the grassy knoll, turn right along lakeside.
  6. Follow along the outside of pump track line, possibly hit halfpipe,, share an edge with the outcoming course to head back east.
  7. Ride the spine of the dirt mound (easy and fast), then drop into the mega death spiral (more spiralization than shown).  Possible barriers in the center of the spiral as we did last year.  Exit spiral, head west
  8. Briefly hit the gravel path, and then cut across the field (least bumpy route with some twistys) to the lakeside path.  Stay near this path (with some chicanery) to the beach.
  9. Sweeping left turn through double gate onto the beach.  Turn continues to go  around the cottonwood tree (shallow lake ride), or B line on the beach side of the tree (with corners enough to make it slower).  Lines rejoin, ride along lakeside, then a series of ugly corners to scrub all speed before exiting at the narrow gate.
  10. Head E on path, easy left turn which leads across the corner of the large dirt mound, and across the gravel bar.  Some chicanery, ending with a nice run up to climb awkwardly over a lump, then up the gut of the large dirt mound, bank left and drop down, with mounds on the exit.  Easy loop heads back to dirt mound, bank left , over the mound, and away.
  11. Through the field, to meet up (possibly sooner than shown) with the outgoing course, sharing course markings.  Parallel the outgoing course, to gravel path along the culvert.
  12. Dodge right off the path, switchback back to the path (heading N), then switchback across the culvert (heading SE).  Left onto the major pathway, then through start and finish.
  13. Repeat 5-8x
  14. Eat tater tots  

Can't wait!!

Race Poster

October 29th is getting close - which means that the funnest race of the year is almost here.  Be sure to come join in the fun:

Register for MuleX - Cyclocross Race   Flyer - View the race flyer  

2016 Weekly Rides are done for the season

Thank you to everyone that participated in the weekly rides this past year.  We officially ended the season with a short ride and BBQ on September 30th.  We quickly rode Triple Tree and then got back to Round House by 7pm for drinks and BBQ.  

MuleCross 2016

MuleCross 2016 will be fun!


October 29, 2016,  Gallatin regional park

Live Music & Tater Tots!



contact samMule with questions:



2016 Rides have begun!

It's going to be a busy, fun summer again.  So, chances are that I won't have much time to update our blog each week.  However, don't let a silent blog miss lead you - the 2016 weekly Wednesday nights have begun.  We meet at Round House and carpool to the trail heads from there (and do our best to leave for the trail by 5:30pm).  We've already made it to Leverich, Mystic and Stone Creek.  Come join us!


Leverich - Round House Ride - Weekly Mountain Biking Ride


Crazy Ivan's MuleX Was Fun!

Thanks to everyone that came out to MuleX this year!  While it was a little windy, we had a fun time with lots of great costumes and a super fun course.  The frites were delicious, the coffee was tasty and the prizes from our sponsors were great!  In addition to having lots of fun, everyone donated over 83 lbs of food for the Gallatin Valley Food Bank.  They were very thankful for the donation.  

If you haven't already, be sure to check out all the fun photos on our flickr account:

MuleX - Bring Food

Don't forget, we are collecting food for the Gallatin Valley Food Bank - so bring along a donation of food.  Nothing warms you up, quite like doing a good deed.   

Correction: MuleX Masters

Oops - we forgot "Masters" are different this year.  Both Masters 40+ and Masters 50+ will be racing at 3pm with Mens 1/2/3 for 60 minutes.  

Mule Cross 2015 is coming this Halloween!

Registration is open for MuleX 2015 - which is on Saturday, October 31st, 2015.  Don't miss the funnest cyclocross race in Montana.  

Oh, and don't forget - We will be collecting cans of food for the Bozeman Food Bank.  While many organizations like to use positive encouragement, we do things a little different.  So, everyone who doesn't bring food will have to kiss Cory Hardy.  If you forget your food donation, I hope you don't also forget your chap stick, cause you're going to need it!

June Rides

Sorry, I haven't been able to update the website as frequently as I'd like - but don't let that fool you - the rides are still happening every week!

We've had some great rides to places like:


RHR - Truman - 2015


Grassy Mountain: