Mule Cross 2021 is back in Ennis Again!

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And the cyclocross bike race has begun!

Last year MuleX started with a horse race!  While you never know exactly what will happen at this cyclocross bike event in Ennis, Montana, you know it will be fun and you'll be sure to laugh and smile!!  After all, last year in 2020 we took quite a few precautions in order to have a safe race... and we still managed to have an amazing event.  We know this year is going to be even better!!

So, MuleX 2021 is ON:  Saturday October 30th!! 

Get together you best costume and then join us in Ennis, Montana once again.  While we all can't be winners, we'll have so much fun, it won't matter!

And don't forget, if you're new to cyclocross and you're not even sure what this type of race is... then this truly is the race for you to come by and check it out.  This is the perfect race for newbies to the sport.  But be sure to bring your bike along, because you'll quickly find that while observing a cyclocross race is fun, being IN the race is even more fun!  We can't wait for you to join us in Ennis!

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Just in case you need some inspiration, here are just a few photos from last year to get you excited for the upcoming race:

Mule Cross announcers 2020 in Ennis Montana
You don't have to be a stunt person to be part of MuleX... but it helps if you are! Some bikers at MuleCross are all business!
Look at that finish!!
MuleX - it's not just for bikers anymore!
Hippity-hop, you just can't stop! You make me want to jump, jump baby!
Let the races begin!
All the locals from Ennis come out to cheer! Working 9 to 5, aint no way to making a living!
Watch out, the professionals have arrived!
Passing on the left! Caution: Hot chested racer, coming through!
Buzzing the tower!

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