2015 Weekly Rides have begun!

The weekly rides have started!  Sunday we started off the season by riding the classic mountain bike trail in Bozeman: Leverich.  It was awesome.  Everyone had fun... even Kyle... who is probably out shopping for a new helmet.  (Note to other riders, if you're going to crash, don't go head first into a stump.)  I wish I had photos from Sunday's first ride, but unfortunately I forgot my phone.  Sorry. 

Wednesday's ride was definately a long-sleeved ride with the cloud cover and cooler weather.  But the trails were dry and we didn't get a drop of rain.  We originally planned to ride Triple Tree, but it seems those silly wind-drinking runners had the same idea.  When we showed up the parking lot was packed, so we just went a little further to Sourdough (aka: Bozeman Creek) and found that parking lot to be practically empty.  We didn't quite make it to Mystic Lake, but we did make it far enough up the single track section to be all smiles from ear to ear!

First weekly Wednesday Night Ride - Sourdough

You can't help but love the sign at the start of the single-track.  It is a good reminder, but I don't think anyone in this group needs to be told to "say hello and have fun!"  

Mountain Bikers - Remember to say Hello and Have Fun!


Erica flying up the single track Perry & Claire cruising up the single track next to the canyon. Justin - sporting the Round House jersey.

So come join us this week on Sunday or Wednesday.... OR BOTH!!