2016 Weekly Rides are done for the season

Thank you to everyone that participated in the weekly rides this past year.  We officially ended the season with a short ride and BBQ on September 30th.  We quickly rode Triple Tree and then got back to Round House by 7pm for drinks and BBQ.  

Last quick weekly bike ride of the year - Triple Tree

If you want to be notified when the weekly bike rides start up again in the Spring - be sure to sign up for the emails that Justin at Round House sends out.  Justin did an awesome job of coordinating the bike rides this year.  The rides saw riders of every kind this year.  We had rookie mountain bikers as well as in-shape, fearless riders.  We had many local riders as well as bikers that were traveling through the area. No matter which type of biker showed up, we always had someone they could bike with.  There were only a few small rules and one big rule.  You had to wear a helmet and sign a liability waiver.  But the big rule was, you had to have fun!  You could go fast or slow.  You could try to make it as far as you could without stopping, or you could take lots of breaks... as long as you had fun!

While I wasn't able to update the blog much this past summer - we did take and upload lots of photos of our weekly bike rides.  You can see all of the Round House Ride photos in our Flikr Account.  You can view the stream of all the Round House Ride Photos, or search for a specific ride by viewing the Albums.  

Thanks again to Round House for sponsor and organizing these rides and to everyone who came out and participated in the rides! See you next year!