August 21st - Leverich


DATE:  August 21st, 2013
TIME:  6:00pm
TRAIL:  Leverich Canyon
Leverich is probably the most popular bike trail in town. It is a grueling uphill that loops around to a downhill that is full of swooping-banked-corners. While the uphill is steep, it is also relatively short (the whole loop is only about 5 miles). Besides, if those DHers (Down Hill Bikers) in the group can haul their heavy bikes up the hill, you can make it! Check out the GPS from last year.  


History Rock had another great turnout and great weather too! What did we learn from "History"?? Well, Chris learned to always check for loose screws before the ride (since he had to borrow a screw from his handlebars to replace a missing screw on his rear brake). I learned to double check that you brought your biking shoes (biking in crocs just isn't the same). And Carson learned to take switchbacks a little slower (after taking a killer tumble). I never knew we had a group that was so into "History" but everyone (including Chris & Carson) were smiling and talking about how much they love "History" back at the parking lot. I think we are ready for our next lesson!

Top of History Rock (and South Cottonwood).  These bikers are ready to descend!

GPS:  Here's the GPS from History Rock.
PICTURES: I've included a few of my favorites, but be sure to check out all the RHR History Rock photos.

This bike group is ready to hit the trail - History Rock - Bozeman
History Rock!  Erica & Fletcher are loving it! Look at the view of the valley from History Rock trail.  Sweet! History Rock - mountain bikers in Bozeman like History!
Frances flies by! And back down the History Rock trail we go!! A "History" scholar.  Descending on the History Rock trail outside Bozeman.

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