August 28th - Chestnut


DATE:  August 28th, 2013
TIME:  6:00pm
TRAIL:  Chestnut
Chestnut is a nice trail that is all uphill on the way in, and then all downhill on the way back out.  Most of it is rideable, but there may be a steep spot or two where you have to hike-a-bike. While the Chestnut trail is fairly long and steep, it is not technical and is a great ride for all levels of bikers.  It is about 5 miles from the trailhead to the top of Chestnut Mountain, although with it getting darker earlier, we will likely turn around sooner.


Leverich was a blast! Sure, it was a little smokey, but it wasn't too bad. We did have one crash on the way down (we hope Jeff is healing up quickly), but other than that - the ride went smooth. I haven't even heard about anyone getting sick from Ray's "wild blue berries" that I worried may be poisonous!!

Round House Crew at the top of Leverich (with a few other bikers too)!

GPS:  Here's the GPS from Leverich.
PICTURES: Be sure to check out all the RHR Leverich photos.

See you on Wednesday at Round House!