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MuleCross 2017

Muleterro and GAS are excited to host MULE-GAS CROSS 2017!

The race will be held November 4th, at the gallatin regonal park

More information and registration @

Contact samMule with any questions:

Rapelje 2015 -24 Hours of Double Ass

Rapelje was HOT.  My garmin recorded the Max temperature as 105.8 degrees.  There were only two Mules (aka: Double Ass) representing at the event this year.  When you consider the temperature, it makes you wonder if the other Mules were smart to stay home? 

Hot - Mules at Rapelje

We were outnumbered by even those road-loving Rockford smurfs (who uterly crushed the five-man team).  So, Emule and Buck Mule did the only lodgical thing they could - they formed a 2-man team and took turns riding over the next 24 hours to be sure that the Mules were always represented on the course by at least one Mule.  We made our team mates proud by frequently stopping at "Beer and Bacon" station located half-way through the 11 mile lap.  

Our fiercest competition was a coed team, consisting of an "out-to-pasture Mule" (Bill) and Mo.  "Mo Bill" stayed ahead of us the entire race, keeping us chasing them.  Rumor had it that this team didn't feel the Beer & Bacon station was a mandatory stop??  So strange.  Luckily to Emule & Buck Mule's surprise, they were in a different category (the "Men's 2-Man"), so while the Coed team beat the Double Ass Mules - we still recieved first place in the Men's Category!!  


Mule Van Excuse me... but where do you think you are sleeping?
Sunset on Rapelje


Lap list - 2015 Rapelje - 2 Man Team Buck Mule & Emule with 1st place trophies for 2-person Male team



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Way to go Mules! The most important thing was that we showed up! Now we will be able to tackle next years 25 hours of Rapelje

Exercise = Happiness

It’s January, that time of year when you look back at the previous year and reflect.  As I do this, I feel so lucky.  Last year was a great year!  Why, because I was happy.  Why was I so happy, you ask?  I’ve spent a little time to reflect on this question, and here’s the epiphanies I’ve discovered:

  • Exercise = Happiness.

    Really, it’s that simple. At the end of every activity that I do, I’m so happy. Don’t get me wrong, I’m just like everyone else… before I exercise, it is easy to forget how happy I’ll be when I’m done. I often want to skip it. There are so many logical reasons that can justify skipping a workout: bad weather (or any weather that isn’t “perfect”), being tired, being hungry, not having time, etc. However, if I can get myself to go exercise, I’m always happier. And it isn’t that “I just think this” either. A few weeks ago my wife mentioned to me, “I think you need to exercise.” I chuckled and thought, she’s right. Then I thought, wait… why is telling me to exercise?? So I asked, and she said, “You’re happier when you exercise, it’s easy to see.” So true.

    This isn’t just true for me either, I’ve yet to meet a person that wasn’t happier after exercising. It just makes you feel better about your whole life. Even the simplest of exercises can give you a sense of satisfaction. And ironically, it helps motivate you to want and exercise more often. It’s a bit contagious.

  • Surround yourself with motivators.

    I’m so thankful for the people I have in my life. I’m surrounded by so many amazing athletes that it can be intimidating at times. But over the years I’ve learned that even if I don’t think I can keep up, try anyway. Even if the people are beyond your level of fitness, try anyway. What you find is that people aren’t upset that you’re slow… they admire your passion to try anyway. The more you spend around these people, the more inspired you are to do more yourself.

  • Become a motivator.

    It isn’t like you make a decision to be a motivator. But if you surround yourself with people that will push you to be better… you become better. And after enough time goes by, you begin to push them too. Without even knowing it, you’ve become a motivator and you and the people you’ve surrounded yourself with will motivate each other.

Last year I was able to check off a “bucket-list item” -I became an Ironman.  It was everything I expected and a lot more.  I pushed myself harder than ever before.  Injuries seemed to always be just around the corner and I was more in-tune with my body than any other time in my life.  I learned a lot about healthy pain and unhealthy pain.  When to push it and when to take rests.  I finally learned how to pace myself (sort of). I learned a lot about nutrition.  I learned a lot about fitting a bike, biking with aero-bars, and the importance of hydrating.  I didn’t journal about my ironman experience, but luckily my friend who completed the Ironman with me did journal about the experience (so check out Pete's Ironman experience, if you’re curious).

Reflecting back on my experience makes me so thankful.  Fellow teammates helped push me and motivate me, so that I had the confidence to attempt an Ironman.  My family and friends supported me throughout the year and even came and cheered me on, the day of the competition. 

The Ironman was a big deal for me.  It truly was a “bucket list” item for me.  However, the point of my post was not meant to be about the Ironman.  It’s about the secret that exercise makes you happy and when you surround yourself with healthy, happy people… you’re bound to get inspired, motivated, and become even happier.

Needless to say, I’m pretty excited about 2015!  I hope to meet even more active people and go for even more rides, hikes, runs and swims.  It’s going to be fun…and I’m going to be happy.


Pete and Buck tackle their first Ironman
It's official - we were doing the race now. Running
Biking - Muleterro's favorite part of the race! Family Support Crew!
Finish!  Buck Mule is an Ironman... or is it IronMule?

Hippies and Hinnies of 2014

Mules looking for some Sun and a break from the harsh Montana Winter packed up and headed south to look for some hinnies. The past couple of years mules have migrated to St. George, UT. This year we decided to push a little farther to a place that used to be called Old Sedona, which was viciously taken from Mexico in the Spanish-American War (Yeah we know some history!). 


Samule was stoked on how cheap VIT D doping was in Sedona. 

All Day Davis, while not quite a mule, drank the kool aid.

Alpa Mule was pissed off most of the time because he couldn't find his balls...


Sammy D, getting ready to enter P-mule status.


Biking among the spires.


As per use we found some 'techy' stuff as they would say. This was technically a horse trail but I would say the mules went down it faster!


For those not afraid of some exposure can try their hoof at the Hangover trail.


Beta, sliding the rear tire (like a nueb) at Chicken point.


Samule showing why he is the new Alpaha... Whats that Hardy? No Comeback? 


A really good photo spot. 

Samule railing it.



If you've never seen a mule in the morning...




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Looks like a great trip! Amazing pictures. Very jealous!!