Hippies and Hinnies of 2014

Submitted by admin on Fri, 03/21/2014 - 17:50

Mules looking for some Sun and a break from the harsh Montana Winter packed up and headed south to look for some hinnies. The past couple of years mules have migrated to St. George, UT. This year we decided to push a little farther to a place that used to be called Old Sedona, which was viciously taken from Mexico in the Spanish-American War (Yeah we know some history!). 


Samule is loving it!

Samule was stoked on how cheap VIT D doping was in Sedona. 

Davis takes it like a champ!

All Day Davis, while not quite a mule, drank the kool aid.

Alpha Mule knows... he always knows.

Alpa Mule was pissed off most of the time because he couldn't find his balls...


Sammy D transitions to P-mule?!

Sammy D, getting ready to enter P-mule status.


Biking among spires

Biking among the spires.


Technically this technical wasn't for Mules - don't tell the horses!

As per use we found some 'techy' stuff as they would say. This was technically a horse trail but I would say the mules went down it faster!


Hangover trail

For those not afraid of some exposure can try their hoof at the Hangover trail.


Beta sliding rear tire

Beta, sliding the rear tire (like a nueb) at Chicken point.


Samule descends

Samule showing why he is the new Alpaha... Whats that Hardy? No Comeback? 


Photo time - smile!

A really good photo spot. 

Here we go Samule!

Samule railing it.



If you've never seen a mule in the morning...

Alpha Mule peaking out of the tent in the morning.