July 17th - Sypes Canyon


DATE:  July 17th, 2013
TIME:  6:00pm
TRAIL:  Sypes Canyon
Sypes Canyon is another steep trail, but probably a little less steep than the last two (Shafthouse and Truman).  We'll take our time on the way in (which will be all uphill), but then we will be rewarded with some great views and a fun, quick ride back out. Check out the GPS from last year (ignore the road section).


Top of Shafthouse!

Shafthouse never disappoints!  It was an incredible ride and we even finished before dark!  The only bummer was those darn mosquitos.  I'm still itching all the bites on my arms and legs.  Oh well, it was worth it... just look at the photos. 

GPS:  Here's the GPS from Shafthouse.
PICTURES: I've included two of my favorites, but be sure to check out all the RHR Shafthouse photos.

What a great day for Shafthouse!

See you on Wednesday at Round House!