July 24th - Emerald Lake


DATE:  July 24th, 2013
TIME:  6:00pm
TRAIL:  Emerald Lake
Emerald Lake is a great trail for everyone.  Round Trip it will be about 8.8 miles, but since it is an "out-and-back" you get to choose how far you want to ride and turn around early.  I'm sure it has some steep sections that I forget about, but compared to some of the recent trails we've done, Emerald Lake is also good for everyone since it isn't so steep. Check out the GPS from last year.  Unfortunately, I won't be able to join this week - but Erica and her posse will be going and would love your company!


Not too much to report on last week.  We drove to Sypes Canyon trail head in rain and lightning... and when we thought the rain may turn to half-inch size hail, we decided to cancel (I don't think that's what our helmets were really made for??).  A few people (Serena & Bill) may have headed South to see if they could escape the storm.  Such die hards!    

Have fun this Wednesday!