June 12th - Bracket Creek to Grassy

The first "Wednesday Night Ride" of 2013 went great!  We had a good turn out, good weather, and thanks to Andy's suggestion --we went up Goose Creek.  The trail was a blast.  A few people did complain about soar cheek muscles.  You couldn't help smiling the whole way down!

GPS:  Here's the GPS from Goose Creek.
PICTURES: Below is one of my favorite photos... but be sure the check out all the RHR Goose Creek photos.

Round House Ride - Goose Creek

Ok, on to this week:

DATE:  June 12th, 2013
TIME:  6:00pm  (that's leaving by 6pm, so please show up a little early)
TRAIL:  Bracket Creek to Grassy Mountain
This is an out-and-back, so you'll be able to pick your own pace and then turn back whenever you want.  Here's what the GPS from last year.

See you on Wednesday at Round House!


BIll's picture

I hope to ride up and meet you at the trailhead. I am guessing you'll get up yonder bout 6:20is?
BIll's picture

I have friends coming into town and can not meet up tonight. So sorry ... I was looking forward to riding tonight.
BelgiumMule's picture

Closing shop at 6pm.  So, I probably won't make it to the Round House on time. I will meet you at the Trailhead.  If you dont see me, ride on, I will try to catch up ;-)
Buckmule's picture

Looks like the weather could go either way... So I'm doing a sun dance. See you on the trail Jo... And maybe we'll see you next week Bill.