June 19th - Moser Creek (Ray's Loop)

I was a little nervous about the weather last week... but we lucked out again!  It was a beautiful evening.

GPS:  Here's the GPS from Bracket Creek.
PICTURES: Below are a few of my favorite photos from last week... but be sure the check out all the RHR Bracket Creek photos.

Jo smiles big at the awesome view, pretty flowers, and the fact that he's on a bike! Bill and Jordan cruise up the Bracket trail
Checking out the view at the top of the ridge... are we lucky to live in Montana or what?!

This week's plan:

DATE:  June 19th, 2013
TIME:  6:00pm  (that's leaving by 6pm, so please show up a little early)
TRAIL:  Moser Creek (Ray's Loop)
This is a fun loop.  A good combination of up and down.  There are just a few steep sections, but luckily they are short.  The downhill isn't too steep either, but is a blast.  A little of the trail is on the road, but the majority is great single-track.  Check out the GPS from last year.

See you on Wednesday at Round House!