June 26th - Garnet


DATE:  June 26th, 2013
TIME:  6:00pm  (that's leaving by 6pm, so please show up a little early)
TRAIL:  Garnet
The trail itself isn't too technical, but since there is a section at the top that is along a fairly steep slope, it get's a reputation of being "technical."  It does take a little time to drive up to Garnet, so we'll be leaving at 6:00pm sharp.  We will most likely shuttle this ride.  Check out the GPS from last year.



As we loaded up bikes in the Round House parking lot, we saw serious wind (per haps that's not surprising since there was a tornado warning on the radio), along with some huge lightning.  Luckily all this activity seemed to be heading North.  We headed South to Moser Creek and not only did we NOT get rained on, but the trails were even dry!  The Moser Creek loop was a blast as always, and then most of the group decided to get some "extra credit" and dropped down into Leverich!  Fun!

GPS:  Here's the GPS from Moser Creek (Ray's Loop).
PICTURES: Most my pictures this week were blurry... sorry!  However, blurry or not, here's the link to see all the RHR Moser Creek photos.

This group is ready to ride!

See you on Wednesday at Round House!