Rapelje 2015 -24 Hours of Double Ass

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Hot - Mules at Rapelje

Rapelje was HOT.  My garmin recorded the Max temperature as 105.8 degrees.  There were only two Mules (aka: Double Ass) representing at the event this year.  When you consider the temperature, it makes you wonder if the other Mules were smart to stay home? 

We were outnumbered by even those road-loving Rockford smurfs (who uterly crushed the five-man team).  So, Emule and Buck Mule did the only lodgical thing they could - they formed a 2-man team and took turns riding over the next 24 hours to be sure that the Mules were always represented on the course by at least one Mule.  We made our team mates proud by frequently stopping at "Beer and Bacon" station located half-way through the 11 mile lap.  

Our fiercest competition was a coed team, consisting of an "out-to-pasture Mule" (Bill) and Mo.  "Mo Bill" stayed ahead of us the entire race, keeping us chasing them.  Rumor had it that this team didn't feel the Beer & Bacon station was a mandatory stop??  So strange.  Luckily to Emule & Buck Mule's surprise, they were in a different category (the "Men's 2-Man"), so while the Coed team beat the Double Ass Mules - we still recieved first place in the Men's Category!!  


Mule Van Excuse me... but where do you think you are sleeping?
Sunset on Rapelje


Lap list - 2015 Rapelje - 2 Man Team Buck Mule & Emule with 1st place trophies for 2-person Male team