Rapelje- Mulie's Perspective

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Start of 24 hours of Rapleje 2013

I'm excited to write up a little race report. As the sleep deprivation wore off and I had a chance to stew over my solo win at a 24 hour bike race I got to thinking about the whole experience and also how lucky I am to have amazing people in my life and the opportunity for such great experiences.  

I didn't go into the race expecting or trying to win, although I do admit to pouring over the entries on Friday afternoon, evaluating the competition. I guess I am a little competitive. I was really just there because it is a Muleterro event and I like the camaraderie and also to get in lots and lots of hours of riding.

I clearly remember the camaraderie. Thanks so much Bill and Sam for not leaving me out there by myself with that storm rolling in. How crazy to be riding your bike with all that lightning and the sky getting so so dark. Thanks Sam for the tips on the mud. You saved me at least an hour. Thanks Buck Mule for dragging me home on lap 10 so I could make the cutoff for lap 11 and then riding one more lap with me. Without all of this I would have stopped earlier. Nikki you were awesome to keep moving my stuff to the shade. I owe you a coffee. And Mike thanks for riding with me and stopping to move the bird (remember the squashed bird) and pick up garbage and not make me feel bad about consuming the Hammer products at that crazy aid station.

Thanks to my most amazing coach Elliot Bassett, your advice for the race no matter how vague worked and at least gave me a lot of time to try and figure out what stone faced was supposed to mean. 

In the end I am a little shocked that I was able to solo a 24 hour my bike race and keep it together for so many hours. I am also grateful for the grit and determination that it takes to get out there lap after lap and hope that it carries over to mental toughness for this years big race. Ironman Wisconsin, I am going to own you! 

Team Muleterro you rock!



Mulie wins 1st place for Women's Solo - 24 hours of Rapelje Jinx gets 2nd place for Men's Solo!
GrrrrRay leaves the start on his bike Emule running to his bike at the start
Mulie starts the race looking good!! Jinx mentally prepares for his race Bill is focused and ready!
Cory - getting his bike ready a few minutes before the start (as usual) Mike is ready to rock this race! Sam - off to a great start!

Mules are almost ready to start this race!!!

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