September 18th - Middle Cottonwood


DATE:  September 18th, 2013
TIME:  6:00pm
TRAIL:  Middle Cottonwood
Middle Cottonwood is another great out-and-back trail in the Bridgers. Similar to the other surrounding trails in the Bridgers... on the way in it will be all uphill. Then on the way out, it is an all-down-hill-treat! Checkout the GPS of Middle Cottonwood.


Stone Creek went well. As I brought up the caboose, at one point I looked up and it was so funny seeing bikers scattered across the hillside going back and forth on the switchbacks. We almost looked like super-organized ants... well, ants with bikes! Too fun!

Stone Creek - Erica is the top dog of this Wednesday Night Ride!

GPS:  Here's the GPS from Stone Creek.
PICTURES: It is getting dark early, so I didn't have a lot of picture, but you can see them all in the RHR Stone Creek photos gallery. (There are a couple goofy ones that I included... just incase somebody else gets a laugh out of people that have been squeezed or stretched or turned headless.)

Wednesday Night Ride group wait to give Jonathan a line of High-FIves!  Yeah, we're bring back the high-five!

High-five Jonathan!!  Wednesday Night Rides in Bozeman are the best! Sunset at Stone Creek - isn't Mountain Biking Beautiful?!



This is the last month for Wednesday Night- Round House Rides. The last ride will be on September 25th, so be sure to take advantage of the last few rides left. Mark your calendars now because the end of the season BBQ will be on Friday, September 27th, 2013. There will be free food and if you joined us for one of the Wednesday Rides, you've already been entered into the drawing for free swag from Round House!

I'll be out of town this Wednesday... so Erica will see you this Wednesday at Round House! Have fun and someone take a photo for me!!