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Weekly Bike Rides

Wednesday Night Rides - Round House Rides

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When:  Every Wednesday June through September
Time:  Wednesday Rides Start at 5:30pm
Who:  Everyone 

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Join us Wednesday nights for "Round House Rides" (aka: Mule-House Rides).  We like to bike, and we believe biking is only more fun with more people. So Team Muleterro and Round House Sports invite everyone to join them for weekly, social bike rides. All rides start by meeting at Round House and then carpooling to the trail head from there. All level of riders are welcome!

July 10th - Shafthouse


DATE:  July 10th, 2013
TIME:  6:00pm  (that's leaving by 6pm, so please show up a little early... especially for this ride!!)
TRAIL:  Shafthouse
Shafthouse can be done as an "out-and-back" or as a loop.  More than likely we will just do the out-and-back, but we can vote on Wednesday if lots of you want to do the loop version.  It is all uphill on the way in, and then all downhill on the way out.  It is considered to be technical due to some of the rocky sections. It is certainly one of the popular rides in the area for a good reason - the views are amazing and the ride is tons of fun! Check out the GPS from last year.


Truman Gulch was amazing.  Very green, lots of flowers, and visiting voice from above convincing us to do the Truman Lollipop loop instead of the out-and-back.  Smiles all around!   

GPS:  Here's the GPS from Truman.
PICTURES: My pictures don't do it justice, but it was beautiful! See all the RHR Truman photos.

The top of Truman (or what we consider the top)

See you on Wednesday at Round House!

July 3rd - Truman Gulch


DATE:  July 3rd, 2013
TIME:  6:00pm  (that's leaving by 6pm, so please show up a little early)
TRAIL:  Truman Gulch
Truman is an "in-and-out" that is pretty short, but fairly steep.  So, it will seem to take a while on the way in, but when you turn around, it goes quick!  Check out the GPS from last year.



With such a wet spring, we've been lucky... but last Wednesday as we were unloading the bikes off the Mule Van, the rain started.  We finished unloading the bikes anyway, and before I knew it I was the only one still by the van... everyone else had already jumped on their bikes and headed up the trail.  A little rain wasn't going to stop this group!!  I'm impressed!!  The wet trail started off a little slippery on the rocks, but wasn't too bad.  Further up the trail the conditions changed and all of our tires were double in size with a new mud coating.  Some bikes had so much mud flowing off the tires their front derailers and back tires litterally jammed up.  Again... this group didn't turn back, but pushed on (some actually carried thier bikes because they wouldn't roll)!  You won't believe me, but everyone was still smiling too!?!

Well, we were rewarded for our work.  As we approached the top, the rain stopped and the sunset was amazing.  It did slow us down enough that we had to race down the trail to beat the dark... which we cut pretty close.  And again at the bottom, there were still smiles all around.  Thanks for such an amazing ride!!  

GPS:  Here's the GPS from Garnet.
PICTURES: I actually didn't want you all to remember the rain, so I didn't take any pictures of it... but I definately got some of the sunset.  See all the RHR Garnet photos.

Almost sunset at Garnet... time to hurry back down!

See you on Wednesday at Round House - I promise we'll be home early this week!