York 38 Special - Mule's Review

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Half way around the York 38 Special loop and having fun!

The York 38 Special is my favorite ride of the year.  It's laid back, great scenery, awesome volunteer crew, delicious cookies, and ends at York Bar with a burger & beer!  I haven't missed a year yet, and hope that I never do.

This year I got to ride the 38 mile loop with a pack of mules and some mule-friends!  I wasn't quite sure what the competitive, snarling mules would think of such a relaxed ride?  Turns out that I'm not the only mule that likes cookies!  And a bonus, if you feed a mule enough cookies, it is easier to keep up with them!!

In our group, I was secretly hoping to "win" in a few areas. Unfortunately, I didn't win anything within my little group. When we hit the big hill and started to climb up to the Indian Flats, Bill just took off and didn't look back. He finished first out of our group.  That was ok, on this ride the real compitition is who can eat the most cookies!  I thought after eating 9 cookies, I was surely going to win that prize.  Nope, Rob lost count at 11 cookies, but thinks he might have had a baker's dozen.  Watchout next year Rob... my cookie training is starting now!

Mules and other Bozeman biking friends at the start of the York ride. Cookies!!  York volunteers did especially awesome on the cookies this year.  Mmmmm.  So Good!
Mule pack rides by... Beautiful day for a 38 mile bike ride!  It wasn't even smokey!

After getting home and looking at my photos, I have to say, this next one really made me laugh. What is going on here? Rob and Ray look like they've just been arrested and are getting ready to get a pat-down by an officer. "Put your hands on the bicycle, sir." Ha!

Rob and Ray, getting ready to be searched by the York volunteer officer?!

The single track was a blast. As Jinx and I were flying through it, I heard Jinx say, "Wait, stop just a minute!" When I asked what the problem was, Jinx replied, "Oh, no problem, I just need to take in the view. It's amazing, isn't it?!" Yes, it was!

Jinx cruised through the single-track at the York 38 Special

Every ride has a pretty good story at the end. The winner of the great story for the York 38 Special goes to Hal. During the decent he lost his chain, completely. By the time he realized he didn't have a chain, he didn't know how long ago he lost it and just kept proceeding onward. Amy and Lisa saw the chain on the trail, but didn't stop and pick it up. So when they caught up to Hal, they were able to tell him they'd seen the chain... but they didn't pick it up. Luckily for Hal, Ray also saw the chain on the trail and DID stop to pick it up. So when Ray met up with Hal, boy was he happy to see Ray!

Eating more cookies, and adding a little lube to the chain at Indian Flats Finished with smiles!  What a bunch of happy bikers.  Who's ready for a burger and beer?!

We all had a great time and I hope we can do it again next year!!

-Buck Mule

PS - See more photos of the York 38 Special on Flickr.

Bozeman bikers at the York 38 Special bike ride.