Photos - MuleX 2021

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Heidi absolutely crushes it this year!!

Thank you to everyone who was involved in MuleX 2021.  Whether you participated in the race, or had a family member who participated, or if you just came to spectate, or if you couldn't make the event, but supported the event in another way - We are SO THANKFUL!!  

It was another GREAT event!  Everyone had so much fun, and it is always inspiring to want to do it again next year.  There's something so special about the people who come to the event.  They always bring a smile and positive attitude.  We are so lucky to have such wonderful people in our area that are willing to put the seriousness of life aside, and just be fun and goofy for a day.  Personally, I can say, it is so healthy to be around these type of people.  

There were a few extra great surprises this year: 

First, the event not only had its second annual horse race - but this year, we got to see an evil witch race a headless horse person!!  Only in Ennis!

Witch and headless horseman

Second, while we tend to have a good turnout for the kid's race... there was something extra special about the kids this year.  Not only did they do an amazing job racing themselves, but they stuck around and were the BEST cheerers in the crowd!!  During the Men's A race, they went so far to learn every racer's name and then cheer their name as they raced by.  In talking with other racers, they truly motivated people to race harder and faster when they heard their name being yelled and cheered!!  Thanks to those kiddos and good job to the good folks who are raising them!!

Check out these awesome kids - they can race! The kids cheer on the bike racers!!
Look at this cheering crew!!  Awesome! More cheering from the box seats!

As usual, we have lots of photos from the race, which we've uploaded to our Team Muleterro Flickr account.  Team Muleterro apologizes for not having a professional photographer and simply having some "joe-shmoe" point and click.  His photos aren't top notch.  This guy goes with the strategy of quantity over quality... in hopes that if he takes enough photos, maybe one will turn out.  And then, he ditches his responsibilities and races himself... so there's then a lack of photos from that race (sorry, Men's B crew)!  Anyway, please do visit the Mule X 2021 Album on Flickr and flip through the photos.  We hope you find one that brings a smile to your face as you think back on how much fun we all had in Ennis, Montana! 


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