Photos - MuleX 2023 - We survived the cold!

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Race done - high five between the Lorax and the Tree!

What a year!  We've had years in the past with snow, but I don't recall a year with such cold temperatures.  Single digit lows and the highs hardly hitting 20 degrees?!  It's not crazy to believe this event should have been cancelled.  BUT, that's not us - WE ARE CRAZY - and many of you must be crazy too!!!  The races must go on!

And thank goodness for all you crazy people, because it was a blast!  The sun came out and the fires were warm and it was a darn comfortable day.  We had so much fun!  And did you get some of the frites with the special sauce?!  Amazing!!  This event is worth attending for the frites alone!  

We truly thank everyone who participated in MuleX 2023!  It won't be remembered for the cold, but for how we overcame the cold and how fun it still was despite the cold!    

Enjoy the photos and the fond memories.  We've included a few of our favorite photos from this year, but be sure to visit flickr to see all the photos from MuleX 2023!


Wait... that's not Hardy?!?!
Junior's race is cruising fast in the snow!
The future of cycling is right here - focused and fast! Even with ice and snow, that downhill was a cake walk!
Kids Race - here are the toughest kids in Montana! Umm... I think we need to have a talk with our Race Director about the kid prizes.
Lady's Race is on!
This is a new level of talent! The MuleX bike race rocks!!
Seriously, which one is the real Hardy?! Racing through the snowy trees
Going strong!  (Fueled by M&Ms??!!) What snow?!  It's just another day at the park!
The men's race is on!!
Men's race - mad fun! Who's ready to drop in?!
Boone can bike!!  We have a winner! Taking the corner like a pro!
Frite masters!!!  Thank you!!! Mmmmm- Frites are SO GOOD!!!
Thanks to our announcers!
Take a prize before you LEAVE, you beautiful tree!
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